Marvel’s Dark Web Event is Spider-Man nostalgia at its finest

Marvel’s Dark Web has begun, bringing back some of Spider-Man’s biggest hits alongside the X-Men, who are likely also feeling deja vu.

Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for Dark Web #1marvel comics’ dark web Event is here and it’s brimming with top-notch nostalgia for Spiderman (as well as X-Men). With clones and symbiotes in a supernatural showdown for the ages, dark web is the holiday crossover comic that makes the perfect gift for Peter Parker fans, as well as Krakoa’s elite team of heroes. Thanks to the dark connection between Chasm and the Goblin Queen, Spider-Man and the X-Men have no choice but to team up to save New York.


Previously at Marvel Amazing Spider-Man, Peter Parker has been trying to put the pieces of his life back together after doing something horrible that alienated him from most of his allies and loved ones. While readers are yet to know what he did, whatever it was happened shortly after Spider-Man beyond Arc in which Peter’s clone, Ben Reilly, lost several of his copied memories from Parker and was corrupted when the dark villain known as Chasm. Since then, Ben has teamed up with Madelyine Pryor’s Goblin Queen, the dark clone of Jean Gray who has become the new ruler of Limbo. To push the boundaries of her rule and her fragile truce with the X-Men, Pryor has agreed to help Chasm steal Spider-Man’s soul.

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Now, Dark Web #1 by Zeb Wells and Adam Kubert is here, launching a major demon invasion of New York from the realm of Limbo, thanks to Pryor lending her powers to Chasm. It’s very similar to the original X-Men inferno 1980s event, a touch of nostalgia where the mutants work together with Spider-Man to save the day. However, Pryor also struck a deal with Eddie Brock’s Venom, agreeing to help him find his son Dylan if he helps Ben. While Eddie has been a hero in the Marvel Universe for years, Pryor and Ben seem to have gone too far in manipulating his mind to turn him into a pawn, restoring Venom to his classic primal state and more monstrous self. So Spider-Man will face off against Ben Reilly and Venom in this new event, an exciting remix of Peter Parker’s greatest hits from the past.

Spider-Man brings back the classics with clones and symbiotes

Venom, Spider-Man Clones and Inferno Redo in Marvel's Dark Web

Essentially, dark web is the dynamic combination of an inferno redub, a dark sequel to the clone conspiracy, and the exciting return of Venom’s OG form before he became Marvel’s King in Black. As such, this crossover will be a big onslaught of enemies all attacking at the same time, something Spider-Man couldn’t have anticipated given all the other stuff he’s dealing with. After all, he had no idea what had become of Ben Spider-Man beyond where Reilly fell into a puddle of psychoactive goo.

So it makes perfect sense that Peter Parker would team up with the X-Men in future editions of dark web. There was no way he was going to be able to handle Chasm and Pryor alone, let alone Venom and the new villain, Hallow’s Eve. Anyway the Spiderman Nostalgia is now at an all-time high as the Webslinger faces clones and classic symbiotes at the same time this Christmas. Dark Web #1 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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