One fan’s spooky Animal Crossing moment is straight out of a creepypasta

Animal Crossing is known for being adorable, but one player recently stumbled upon something that’s nightmare fuel in Wild World.

A animal crossing Player has discovered something ominous in Animal Crossing Wild World. While most were busy luring their favorite villagers to their islands or putting together individual creations Animal crossing new horizons, those with older Nintendo consoles are still actively playing previous installments of the franchise. 2005 wild world on the Nintendo DS is even considered the best and most advanced animal crossing Titles by some fans.


Nintendo’s popular social sim franchise is known for its adorable, kid-friendly nature, but it seems there’s still some spooky stuff going on animal crossing. Reddit user Spacufacu recently found a glass bottle in the waters of wild world with the scary message”caution” followed by a big space with blank lines, signed “Animal Crossing team.” Alarming as the news is, users in the replies assured Spacufacu that it was a glitch commonly found in letters and users Lousy_username gratefully shared the actually helpful and positive message that the spooky letter is supposed to contain. While it was a harmless mistake, some fans joked that the message in a bottle came straight out of one Animal crossing theme scary pasta.

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Wild World made Animal Crossing what it is today

Animal Crossing player character and a bunch of villagers dressed in Halloween costumes surrounded by spooky decorations

Bottled notes are a staple of the modern age animal crossing title, but they first appeared in wild world. Many consider wild world to have been ahead of its time in introducing more interesting personalities for online multiplayer animal crossing Villagers and Portability on Nintendo DS. Probably, wild world paved the way for the franchise’s future, and its release on DS attracted many more western gamers to one of Nintendo’s most beloved franchises. This wearable popularity was emulated by animal crossing New pageto follow on Nintendo 3DS in 2012.

Although the bug Spacufacu encountered in wild world could theoretically appear in New Horizons Modern glass bottles are also slightly different, containing letters from villagers who don’t live on the player’s island, along with DIY recipes. There are over 400 villagers animal crossingWith ACNH allows 10 villagers per island compared to wild world‘s 15, so receiving letters from the 300+ villagers that players don’t currently have access to can be exciting. Thank God, ANG Villagers don’t often send such terrifying messages.

It would be hard to dispute that Animal crossing new horizons isn’t the biggest and most popular part of the Nintendo franchise, but it is credited for many of its most popular aspects wild world‘s impressive properties. The massive amount of content available in New Horizonsincluding smooth multiplayer gameplay, hundreds of villagers and endless possibilities for custom creations, the current ones can make possible AC Title that, like its predecessor, will remain popular for decades to come, though New Horizons no longer gets updates. That is, rumors of a new one animal crossing The release of titles within a few years has started to spread and fans’ expectations are high due to the success of the previous titles.

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Source: Spacufacu/Reddit, Lousy_username/Reddit One fan’s spooky Animal Crossing moment is straight out of a creepypasta

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