Picard Season 3 Episode 3 Easter Eggs: The Best Star Trek References

  • Kasperia Prime: This planet was first mentioned in the DS9 Episode “Change of Heart” and this is where Jadzia wanted to spend her honeymoon with Worf.
  • Colar Five: This seems to be a reference to the Kolarin system, the site where the Pursue picked up the body of B-4 Nemesis.
  • Donatra Sector: Probably another Nemesis Reference. In this film, Donatra was the name of the Romulan commander who aided Picard and the others Pursue when defeating Shinzon.
  • Sorna Prime: This is a discovery Reference. In discovery In Season 1, Captain Tilly (aka “Captain Killy”) was known as the “Slayer of Sorna Prime” in the Mirror Universe.

Worf listens to Picard’s favorite opera from First Contact

When Raffi wakes up La Sirena, Worf does his Klingon calisthenics while listening to an opera, specifically Les Troyens composed by Berlioz. The selection itself is called “Vallon sonore” and it is the same piece of music that Jean-Luc is listening to First contact when Riker walks into his ready room near the beginning of the movie.

Worf’s biography

When Worf introduces himself to Raffi, he lists quite a lot everything we know him from both The next generation And Deep Space Nineincluding:

  • “Son of the Mogh” refers to Worf’s biological Klingon father, Mogh, who oddly enough we’ve never seen on screen. (Although a photoshopped image of Mogh was created for the Star Trek customizable deck of cards back in 1997.)
  • “House of Martok” refers to General Martok (JG Hertzler) from Deep Space Nine. Worf joined his house DS9 if no one else in Klingon society would accept him.
  • “Son of Sergei” And house of Rozhenko” both mean that Worf is the son of Sergey Rozhenko, his adoptive human father. We met Sergey in the TNG Episode “Family”.
  • “Curse of the Duras Family” is an indication that Worf killed the Klingon traitor Duras in the TNG Episode “Bye”.
  • “Butcher of Gorwon” is a reference to Worf killing Gorwon in the DS9 Episode “Going into the Wind”. Way back in “Reunion,” Duras and Gorwon were both candidates to lead the Klingon Empire as Chancellor. Worf eventually kills them both.

“Dig in!”

On the titaniumRiker says “Punch it,” which will remind many fans of Han Solo and Lando Calrissian both saying “Punch it.” The Empire Strikes Back. Usually in war of starsSaying “punch it” is more likely to happen when speed is required in times of crisis. Riker makes use of it here very war of stars-ish. However, this is not the first time star trek borrowed “punch it!” out of war of stars. In 2009 star trek Reboot, Captain Pike (Bruce Greenwood) says “punch it” to send this Pursue in warp.


Seven and Jack find out that Vadic can follow the tracks titanium because the ship loses Verterium. This substance was first introduced in the Traveller Episode “Investigations” where we learned that it was specifically used to insulate the warp coils of Dauntless class Ships. Apparently in the presence of 2402 it is more commonly used in all types of Starfleet ships.

Thomas Dekker and Thomas Picard

When Raffi and Worf track down the criminal Titus Rikka, he is played by actor Thomas Dekker. Believe it or not, as a child actor, Dekker played Jean-Luc Picard’s imaginary son, Thomas Picard. This character only existed in the Nexus in Star Trek generations. In Traveller, also as a child, Dekker played a hologram named Henry Burleigh, who existed in Janeway’s holo-novel in the episodes “Cathexis”, “Learning Curve” and “Persistence of Vision”. Now Dekker is playing a secret changeling, which means he’s playing one again star trek Character who appears human but is not.

Worf’s phaser

Although it’s brief when Worf fires his phaser, it is not one of the new 25th century Picardera models. Instead, Worf’s phaser looks much closer to a TNG-style weapon, maybe even the last iteration of this phaser type of Nemesis.

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