Reba McEntire is right to scold the “Voice” contestant for changing “one of the most iconic and beautiful songs of all time.”

The voice The Season 24 Battle Rounds continued quickly on Tuesday, and when two of Reba McEntire’s contestants, crooners Mac Royals and Rachele Ngyuen, were tasked with “How Deep Is Your Love,” Mac described the Bee Gees’ Saturday Night Fever In the end, he describes the ballad as “one of the most iconic and beautiful songs of all time.” And that wasn’t an exaggeration. The song really Is so perfect.

So it made no sense at all when Mac then boldly and somewhat blasphemously decided to stray far from the song’s beloved melody so that he and Rachele could “give people a little bit of what we do and what we like.” Reba, who is proving to be a refreshing straight shooter this season, quickly abandoned that strategy during rehearsals.

Or at least her tried to turn it off.

“Mac, I didn’t think you heard the beat. “You kind of went in a different direction there,” remarked a slightly perturbed Reba as she wisely warned both singers not to change the classic tune too drastically. “The reason we choose the songs we do is because familiarity. … [Fans] want something they can sing along to. When you sing a song as popular as “How Deep Is Your Love,” you have to stick with the melody [viewers] Remember, so [they] can sing with you and be part of the show.”

Mac seemed to nod in agreement, so I was still expecting the buttery-voiced busker to outdo the less experienced teenager Rachele. But honestly, neither did the Bee Gees’ classic much justice. Their vocals didn’t mesh well, although Reba brought them together because they both came from the “R&B background.” Rachele’s unconventional whining was strained and intrusive. But the most annoying thing was Mac constant He sang behind the beat, against his coach’s clear wishes, probably on purpose to make the song his own.

After their Battle Rounds performance, hard-nosed Reba was quick to rebuke Mac onstage for his questionable artistic choices, bluntly saying, “Mac, I still wish we could have stuck with the Bee Gees’ version of the opening because that’s what was thrown.” me again – as was the case with our samples.”

Reba ultimately chose Rachele, who at least tried to lead the way this week, but John Legend surprisingly stole Mac, explaining that Mac “has the kind of voice I like to hear, right in my wheelhouse.” But really, if a performance should have been mounted on Tuesday, then this one. Instead, the battles of four other singers from John’s supposedly well-staffed team were inexplicably shortened to seconds.

This is how the rest of the battles played out on Tuesday – the good, the bad and the mounted:

TEAM NIALL: Nini Iris vs. Sophia Hoffman, “Heart of Glass”

Nini turned four chairs during her blind audition while returning contestant Sophia turned around NO Chairs when she tried it out in Season 23 last spring. So this battle definitely seemed like a Davey/Goliath situation. There was also the legitimate concern expressed by Niall Horan that Blondie’s Studio 54 floor filler “could easily turn into a karaoke song” if one of the contestants didn’t get the rock ‘n’ roll vibe right. Niall didn’t have to worry about this at first, as the slow, almost gothic arrangement of the intro was markedly different from the 1979 original. But when the house band’s Wocka-Wocka romp beats kicked in and the girls started skipping and skipping around, they got into disco -Actually enters the realm of drunken bachelor parties. Nini ultimately elevated the moment with her raw charisma and theatrical delivery; In other words, Goliath won this battle. Niall felt that both women “made the roof of this place dance” and was hoping one of the other trainers would step in for the steal to ease his guilt, but this round was the last dance for Sophia.

WINNER: Nini Iris

TEAM GWEN: Calla Prejean vs. Chechi Sarai, “I Will Never Love Again”

These two pop/R&B powerhouses were credited with Lady Gaga’s power A star Is Born Weiner, which proved to be a challenge for the self-confident perfectionist Chechi. “Stop being a singer and try to be a person we want to get to know,” Gwen Stefani scolded gently but wisely. Thankfully, Chechi took that direction, allowing herself to be vulnerable and dominating this duet, using her potentially gimmicky Minnie Riperton-esque whistles to great effect while still maintaining connection throughout. Meanwhile, Calla’s attempt to heed Gwen’s advice to create smoother transitions between dynamics didn’t work quite as well; John even described Calla’s approach as “unsafe.” And so a star was born tonight, and that star was… Chechi.

WINNER: Chechi Sarai

TEAM LEGEND: Talakai vs. Caleb Sasser, “Too Good at Goodbyes”

Talakai got a lot of screen time during the blinds because he looked so much like his trainer John’s long-lost twin, but apparently the “family resemblance” didn’t give him any nepotism advantage this week. He must not have been particularly good at singing “Too Good at Goodbyes,” because that performance was ruthlessly edited. John chose Caleb instead, whose tone he described as “intriguing and mysterious.” I’m just fascinated by the mystery of what really happened to poor Talakai.

WINNER: Caleb Sasser

TEAM LEGEND: JaRae Womack vs. Lila Forde, “Killing Me Softly”

This assembly was another big mystery. John seemed to be the trainer to beat all season, as eight of his 14 candidates were four-seaters – and I fully expected one of these four-seaters standouts, who also happens to be a member of the R&B royalty, to have plenty of them would get screentime this season. But actual nepotism didn’t work here either. Bobby Womack’s niece JaRae was only glimpsed Tuesday harmonizing with her opponent and the battle’s ultimate winner, Lila Forde, who John said had a “unique magic.” And then JaRae magically disappeared.

WINNER: Lila Forde

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