Saturn in Pisces 2023-2026: 4 Zodiac Signs Most Affected

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Of all the planets in astrology, Saturn is the most feared and revered. After all, this planet rules boundaries, restrictions, discipline, and of course, karma itself. This stubborn outer planet loves to put pressure on our lives, and if you’re one of the zodiac signs most affected by Saturn in Pisces, you can bet that the experience will feel like some kind of spiritual training camp that will last until 2026… When it’s over you will have matured in myriad ways, for growing pains always lead to growth.

At exactly 8:35 am ET on March 7th, Saturn will leave community-oriented, futuristic and rigid Aquarius and enter spiritual, open-hearted and nostalgic Pisces. Over the next three years, this stoic and distant planet will draw our attention to how we let our imaginations and emotions fool us. If you’ve ever wished you could go back to a simpler time, back to how things were, this transit will remind you that looking at an imperfect past through rose-colored glasses will only darken and cloud your vision of the future. Pisces is all about the end, forgiveness and moving on as this is the final sign on the zodiac wheel and is symbolic of a chapter being closed. As Saturn moves through this dreamy and transcendent zodiac sign, he urges you to create a healthy distance from the past as you begin to embrace the future.

If your Sun or Ascendant sign happens to fall under one of the mutable signs, you will feel the effects of Saturn in Pisces even more intensely for the following reason:

These 4 zodiac signs will feel Saturn the most in Pisces

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Are you ready to take your career more seriously than ever? As Saturn enters Pisces, he will put pressure on your 10th house of career and act as a mentor, using tough love and discipline to foster your excellence. If you don’t pursue a career path that means something to you, Saturn will force you to take your goals more seriously and let go of pipe dreams. If you haven’t made your A-game and your efforts have slipped, Saturn will draw your attention to where and how you went wrong. While your career will go through many ups and downs during this time, as will your reputation, this transit will ultimately boost your standing in your career like never before. When your career takes you down, get back up and refuse to accept defeat. Saturn will reward you for it.

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For the next three years, Saturn will set boundaries and demand seriousness from your relationships. Pisces is your 7th house of partnerships, allies, enemies and spouses, meaning tough and challenging Saturn will uncover any weak links in your connections with the people in your life. Saturn is a planet that rewards longevity and commitment, which could mean you’re ready to get married or take the next step in your relationship with a friend or lover. However, since Saturn is a planet that does not tolerate immaturity and bad behavior, this planet will show you how your relationship dynamics may or may not be healthy. It could also make dating more difficult as Saturn will purposely discourage you from wasting your time on pointless affairs and situations. Luckily, by the end, you will understand exactly what you want from a relationship and how to make yours even stronger.

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When Saturn enters Pisces it will speed up the karma process and the process can feel confronting. Over the next three years, Saturn will sift through the skeletons in your closet as he moves through your 4th house of home, family, roots and relatives. Deep and intense truths regarding your family and the dynamics of your home may surface, compelling you to heal those fissures and set boundaries that will allow you to have a healthier relationship with your blood family and/or family of choice. If you have been uncomfortable in your home environment, this transit will also encourage you to leave your subpar life situation and work to forge something even stronger. Even if you feel like your home is not where you want it to be, Saturn will remind you that building a house takes time. And if your home and family are already in pretty decent shape, this transit will remind you to devote even more attention to your personal life. Although money and professional success are important, nothing counts without a home, family and, of course, honor.

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Nobody will feel the effects of Saturn in Pisces as intensely as you. As Saturn spends the next three years putting the hammer down in your first house of identity and “self,” you may feel like a lot of pressure is being placed on your shoulders. In fact, this might even feel like a mini Saturn return in and of itself! Although many things in your life may end, even better things are about to begin. When Saturn crosses your ascendant, it can make you feel hard on yourself and extra critical of yourself, but that’s only because you’re suddenly expecting so much more of yourself. You stop making excuses and lowering your standards as Saturn forces you to see all you are capable of. And if you don’t take things a little more seriously, you may be settling for less than you deserve. Double down on self-love and be kind to yourself, because Saturn’s energy may not be easy, but the reward Saturn brings you is a much deeper form of confidence and self-acceptance. I’m so happy for you Pisces. ♡

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