Star of India sets sail on Veterans Day weekend

SAN DIEGO – The world’s oldest active sailing ship, the Star of India, is leaving shore this weekend, the Maritime Museum of San Diego announced.

A crew of experienced sailors prepared to salvage the ship, which has not sailed since November 2018 – five years ago.

The trip is part of a San Diego Bay and Maritime Museum Fleet “Parade at Sea.” It also marks the ship’s 160th birthday.

Organizers say historic visitor ships will surround the Star of India, with some offering the public a chance to purchase tickets and share the water for this Veterans Day weekend event.

“‘Star of India’ is an icon in San Diego and this birthday celebration is a day to honor all supporters, including volunteers, members, donors, staff, educators, students, partners and out-of-town visitors as well as locals.” Support “You can live our mission by visiting and participating in the museum experience,” said Raymond Ashley, president and CEO of the Maritime Museum of San Diego.

The number of tickets is limited and can be purchased Here. All ages are welcome and admission includes lunch, snacks, water and soft drinks.

San Diego residents and visitors alike will have the opportunity to see “Star of India” leave the museum on Saturday, November 11th and Sunday, November 12th at 9 a.m. – wind permitting.

The ship will travel through San Diego Bay until it reaches a position two to three miles west of Point Loma. Once there, organizers say the tow rope will be handed over and the Star of India will continue under sail.

The “Star of India” will conduct maneuvers at sea. In addition, the “Californian” and the “San Salvador” will sail in close company with the ship.

All three ships are expected to arrive at the entrance to San Diego Bay around 3 p.m. each day, with the Star of India returning to the museum at 5 p.m

Organizers say there will be good viewing opportunities along the Harbor and Shelter Islands and the San Diego coast.

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