Supergirl is DC’s ultimate Red Lantern

As one of dc comics’ powerhouses, super girl often shows her true power without upgrades, but becomes one Red Lantern showed a whole new side of her that hasn’t been touched on that often in recent runs. The different colors of the Lantern Corps represent the emotional spectrum, with red representing rage and fury. As such, the Red Lanterns are often viewed as a very violent group. It comes as a shock that Supergirl would be part of this violent group, but it turns out she fits in better than fans expected.

The most famous Red Lantern is often credited as Guy Gardner, whose turn in anger made him a hero and showed him how to use his negative emotions in good ways. While he wasn’t the only hero recruited by the Red Lanterns, he was the primary focus and true leader of their corps. He’s not the perfect Red Lantern, however, as that title goes to Kara Zor-El, who became a Corps member alongside her fellow hero and forever turned her rage into a power.

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The angry woman of tomorrow

Supergirl Red Lantern

In a 2014 run Red Lanterns by Charles Soule, Jim Calafiore, Alessandro Vitti and Miguel Sepulveda, Supergirl, like Guy Gardner, must deal with her anger. As a newly formed Lantern and a teenage Kryptonian, Kara is going through many changes she doesn’t know how to face. But the Red Ring chooses her for a reason, and all her pent-up anger at losing Supergirl’s people is channeled into her Lantern powers. The Ring chooses her because she doesn’t know her own power and has been stewing with anger for a very long time. As Superman’s younger cousin, she feels like she’s just baggage being carried around, second only to Kal-El, and unable to express herself. Superman even says that she prefers to sit in her anger rather than accepting what has happened to her family and what is happening around her.

While Red Lanterns makes her a force of rage, Supergirl: The woman of tomorrow by Tom King and Bilquis Evely, shows readers how her driving force is anger and exhaustion at the loss of her people. In the epic finale, Kara is faced with the choice of killing her or keeping her captive, and the only thing stopping her is the only person in the universe who truly understands what she’s going through. The loss of Krypton has enraged her and tasked her with protecting those who need saving and giving people like her a shoulder to lean on. Kara Zor-El sacrifices so much time and wits to help a young girl learn that her anger can be used to help others, not perpetuate a cruel line of hatred.

As an adult and teenager, Supergirl learns that anger is just a tool, and how you use it determines whether it’s good or bad. Young Kara Zor-El learns that the Red Lanterns exist to prevent others from experiencing the pain that originally drove her to become Red Lanterns. That’s exactly what she does in it woman of tomorrow, Saving people from the same fate she suffered. Supergirl goes on a long mission to save a child from herself and achieve the goal that many of the Red Lanterns have, and she continues to achieve that goal with every battle, mission, and person she saves.

Kara Zor-El’s reaction to losing Krypton differs from Superman’s reaction; Her memories of her lost home anger her, but she has long since learned how to use her pain and anger to help others. Without a family like the Kents to help raise her the moment she arrives on Earth, she learns how to be a hero by observing others. Ultimately, great women Goals begin to align with the goals of a Red Lanternmaking her the perfect candidate for her corps.

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