The 10 Best Hidden Gems available now on PS Plus

In a clear attempt to compete with Xbox Game Pass, Sony has unveiled the new PlayStation Plus. This new version of the subscription offers players a large catalog of games to download and play, both old and brand new. There are many iconic games as well as classics, but there are also some underrated gems.

Across PlayStation Plus Extra and PlayStation Plus Premium, Sony has given fans the opportunity to play games that either fell under the radar or quickly faded from the limelight after their initial success. Some of them PlayStation owners could no longer play without the consoles they originally debuted on.


10/10 Zombie (2012)

Survivor restraining a zombie with a gun in zombie survival video game ZombiU.

What turned zombie has become a modern cult classic, it’s not that famous either. It’s an unrelentingly difficult zombie game that focuses more on stealth and survival horror. If the player dies, it is a permanent death and they must respawn as a new survivor and start over.

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That’s why it’s been ported to the PS4 from a Nintendo Wii U exclusive game. Now available to PlayStation Extra and Premium subscribers, the game is a welcome addition to the line-up for those looking for a less action-oriented zombie game that brings back the terror.

9/10 Asura’s Wrath (2012)

PlayStation Plus Premium

Asura becomes angry at Asura's anger

if God of War was made in an anime style, it would have been the same as Asura’s Wrath. It is the story of a god taking revenge on other gods and is very similar to the original God of War Series, Asura’s Wrath is a pure adrenaline rush that delights in its ridiculousness.

It’s definitely not for everyone, but with the Classics catalogue, players should at least give it a fair try. Combat is simple but layered enough that there’s room to master it, and all boss fights turn into a spectacle.

8/10 Batman: Origins of Arkham (2013)

PlayStation Plus Premium

Batman investigates a crime scene in Batman Arkham Origins (2013)

Due to its less than stellar start Batman: Arkham Origins went under the radar and got a reputation for being poor Batman: Arkham Game. years later, Arkham origins became an underrated prequel in the franchise, especially after the patches and dedicated fans.

Unfortunately, there was no way for PlayStation owners to play the game for years until it was released as part of the PlayStation Plus Premium Classics catalogue. Now fans can marathon all four Batman: ArkhamPlay on PlayStation and enjoy unique gameplay coming from the series and a narrative that includes keys Batman Player.

7/10 Days Gone (2019)

Deacon overtakes a horde of zombies in Days Gone (2019)

After several delays Last days was released and unfortunately it wasn’t the big hit it should have been. Which is a shame, because it managed to deliver a fresh experience in the often over-the-top zombie subgenre. Not only does Sam Witwer give an outstanding performance as the main character, but he also effectively delivers a zombie apocalypse in the northwestern forests and mountains.

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It gained a cult following who have been hoping for a sequel ever since Last days offers so many things to consider: the weather, the durability of the weapons, the condition of the motorbike and most importantly the mechanics of the zombie horde, all of which helped turn it around Last days more than a typical zombie action game.

6/10 Man Eater (2020)

The shark attacks bounty hunters in Maneater (2020).

Where most video game sharks are the enemies, Man eater reverses the roles and turns people into villains. Instead, the player controls the shark in an open-world role-playing game with various abilities and upgrades that can evolve the shark into a bioelectric super shark or a fire shark.

Man eater is well aware of his goofy nature and makes fun of himself with his narrator voiced by Chris Parnell. From start to finish, however, it’s a delight to play as the constantly evolving bull shark, with tons of missions, Easter eggs, and jokes to keep the player entertained.

5/10 Rogue Galaxy (2005)

PlayStation Plus Premium

The main characters of Rogue Galaxy, with Jaster holding his sword over his shoulders.

In the early 2000s, many RPGs were overshadowed by the juggernaut final fantasy; rogue galaxy was one of them. This JRPG adopts a more action-based gameplay system more similar to that Kingdom Hearts than anything but in the best way.

Where rogue galaxy shines as one of the best RPGs for the PS2, putting the most into its world and unforgettable characters, spanning a mix of fantasy and sci-fi. Disney cult film fans Treasure Planetwill probably enjoy it rogue galaxyeven with similar space-worthy sailing ships.

4/10 Vampire (2018)

Jonathan Reid bares his teeth to bite into a victim in Vampyr (2020).

Not since Vampire: The Masquerade players have had so much freedom when it comes to the fate of their vampiric characters. Although they cannot create their character, every choice regarding dialogue and plot changes the story of Dr. Jonathan Reid vampire.

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With PlayStation Plus Extra, players can choose which characters to kill or spare, upgrade the character with various vampire abilities, and become both a doctor and a detective. vampire was a refreshing take on vampire games, but one that came and went pretty quickly as it earned more followers.

3/10 GreedFall (2019)

Character wielding a pistol at a monster in GreedFall (2019).

What could have been a stale RPG turned out to be one of the most ambitious titles of 2019. greedcase mixes together the niche genres of steampunk, high-fantasy, and dark pirate-era themes to create a massively immersive world thanks to its many missions to take part in.

Many gamers were impressed with how much was put into it greedcase from Spiders Studio see how greedcase wasn’t a game with the biggest budget. Because of this, it didn’t have the same chance to grab the spotlight as other RPGs of the same year. However, it had enough cult following to warrant a sequel in development GreedFall 2: The Dying Worlds.

2/10 Aragami (2016)

Close-up of the shadowy ninja in Aragami (2016)

Fans of ninja games such as Tenchu ​​Z and ghost walker should check out Aragami. This indie game is pretty simple at first, but as you progress you need to match the shadows and dark magic with the right skill and focus to complete the grueling difficult missions.

Aragami has beautiful Japanese art-inspired visuals that translate pretty well to the mechanics of light and shadow. Mastering the skills of Aragami is a challenge in itself, but it never gets to the point where the player wants to turn the game off. This has helped it become a successful indie title that has even spawned a sequel.

1/10 Enslaved: A West Odyssey (2009)

PlayStation Plus Premium

Monkey fights a mech in Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

With Andy Serkis leading motion capture and Ex Machina Director Alex Garland is writing the script, Enslaved: A Western Odyssey was way ahead of its time. It offered a world not too dissimilar to this one Horizon: Zero Dawn where the distant future has been ravaged by robotic monsters and humans are much more primitive.

There is a little bit of everything for gamers: action, adventure, story, puzzles and an imaginative world. Andy Serkis delivers a strong performance as the game’s hero, a role he deserves much more credit for. Unfortunately, despite nothing but praise from players, enslaved was not a success and drew criticism for its gameplay, leading to the planned sequel being scrapped.

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