The 10 best movies like Bullet Train

Now that fast train Available to stream on Netflix and allowing fans of the film to relive the ride over and over again from the comfort of their own home, it’s a great time to line up some of the similar films that are streaming now and replicating its energy.

Whether it’s well-cast assassin thrillers, high-quality train action stories, or just gorgeously stylish action movies, people like the best movies fast train exude the same talent and creativity that made Brad Pitt’s blockbuster such a hit.


Snap (2000)

Available to stream on Netflix

Brad Pitt in Snatch with Jason Statham and Stephen Graham

movies like fast train remind audiences that Brad Pitt’s acting career has been littered with eclectic roles in highly stylized modern classics. His appearance in Guy Ritchies snap is a notable addition to this list for fast train Fans thanks to Ritchie’s signature dialogue, which resonates heavily fast train especially through the characters of Tangerine and Lemon.

A comedic crime caper about a large diamond making its way through London’s criminal underworld. snap stars Pitt in a supporting role as a barknuckle boxer, and while many of the guns in Ritchie’s story are fake, the film makes up for any gaps in firepower with the kind of breathtaking speed that drives the storytelling fast train.

Smoking Aces (2006)

Available to stream on Cinemax and Starz

Alicia Keys in Smokin' Aces

One of the things that action movies like fast train excel at creates a linear experience composed of a variety of characters whose stories all intersect in chaotic ways. Smoking aces is another story about various colorful assassins who all converge on a single location, this time a Lake Tahoe hotel that houses their common goal.

Smoking aces is also a similar movie too fast train inasmuch as it’s one of the few films in this highly graphic style that can claim to have as high-quality a cast, if not more. Aside from Alicia Keys and Common’s film debuts, Ryan Reynolds, Ben Affleck, Chris Pine, Ray Liotta and Andy Garcia are all taking part in the ultra-violent ride, plus many, many more.

Train to Busan (2016)

Available for streaming on YouTube, Tubi, Crackle, Amazon Prime Video, Pluto TV and Peacock

Brad Pitt in Snatch with Jason Statham and Stephen Graham

As far as modern action movies set on trains go, none are as popular as Train to Busana gripping, emotional zombie thriller in which the titular train’s passengers fight to escape an undead apocalypse at breakneck speed.

Even though Train to BusanThe concept of is a lot fancier than fast train‘s, it’s actually the more grounded film overall, balancing its gory action sequences with dramatic scenes between the ensemble. As fast train and many of the best films from South Korea in recent years, Train to Busan is as much an exploration of his characters and the personal stories that define them as it is an exploration of the boundaries of his genre.

Mr & Mrs Smith (2005)

Available to stream on Starz

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in Mr. and Mrs. Smith

The success of films like fast train reminds movie fans that while Brad Pitt fits the role almost effortlessly, he’s not usually cast as an action star. One of Pitt’s most defining action roles is without a doubt his similarly comedic turn as another hitman Mr & Mrs Smith.

Though best known in popular culture for being the focus of introducing the public to Pitt’s relationship with his co-star Angelina Jolie, director Doug Liman packs the screen with explosive spectacle that transcends the two stars’ headline-grabbing screen chemistry .

The Wolverine (2013)

Available to stream on Disney+

The Wolverine move sequence

The film’s mix of styles, characters, cultures and genres makes it difficult to find similar films fast train in terms of how all of these are mixed together. But an unusual stop on the trip to find movies like fast train can lead to surprising results.

Although Hugh Jackman’s titular Marvel Comics character is one of the most famous indestructible superheroes of all time, The Wolverine was the first X-Men Film directed by James Mangold, which presented the character in a much more vulnerable light. Before the western-thrilled drama of logan, this detective thriller set in Japan put him in some of his wildest action sequences, including a fight in and on a moving bullet train. Be sure to seek out the full Extended Cut to get the most out of the film’s unusually graphic violence.

John Wick (2014)

Available to stream on Pluto TV

Keanu Reeves at a warehouse in John Wick 2014

Those who have enjoyed the working ecosystem of killers and handlers within fast train really need look no further than the world of John Wick. The former assassin of the same name is certainly much quicker to kill than Pitt’s ladybug. But Keanu Reeves’ deadpan performance, mixed with his complete physical dedication to his performance as an unstoppable killer and martial artist, means his quest for blood is never without his own sense of humor.

The original film in the ongoing and overgrown franchise has a simple plan for revenge but opens up a much larger world of criminal empires that exist beneath the surface of the normal world. It also no doubt influenced director David Leitch’s vision of the one in fast trainsince he was the first co-director and producer John Wick Movie.

Kill Bill: Volume 1 (2003)

Available to stream on Peacock

Uma Thurman in Kill Bill

Western action films that take direct inspiration from films set in Asia are not uncommon, but to see them take most of their stories set in Asia itself fast train still does. While samurai films from Japan and kung fu films from China have positively influenced countless Hollywood films, few of them have emulated the actual style of these films with as much accuracy and attention to detail as the first part of the Quentin Tarantino revenge epic with the bride.

Full of gore, distinct stylistic flair and very dark comedy, Kill Bill: Volume 1 sees the bride, once a member of a group of assassins, begin a mission to kill her former associates, with her quest to find the new head of the Tokyo Yakuza taking up most of this first part. fans of fast train may come for the intense action, but will definitely want to stay for Tarantino’s famously quotable dialogue.

Grosse Pointe Blank (1997)

Available to stream on The Roku Channel

John Cusack relaxes gun in hand from Grosse Pointe Blank

People who favored the sense of humor sprang from bickering between trained killers fast train Those looking beyond the action will want to check out this iconic gem about John Cusack’s killer, who suffered a midlife crisis during his high school reunion.

Between calls to his assistant and therapist, Cusack’s hitman juggles a former girlfriend and rival assassins Big point blank is in a similar headspace as Brad Pitt’s Ladybug in fast trainand the film’s whimsical ’90s soundtrack gives it a similarly robust personality.

Lucky Number Slevin (2006)

Stream on Amazon Prime Video, Vudu and Pluto TV

Mr. Goodkat points a gun at Lucky Number Slevin.

Action thriller movies like fast train propel their plots through the power of the cunning twists and turns in their stories, and few action thrillers revel in bluffing and tricking audiences as much as Lucky Number Slevin.

As fast train, the film’s story revolves around involuntary participants in a complex scheme involving warring gangsters, and the cast’s pedigree lends some credibility to the grand story. Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Ben Kingsley and Stanley Tucci join Josh Hartnett and Lucy Liu in this dialogue-heavy crime novel sure to impress fans fast trainnarrative flow.

The Commuter (2018)

Available to stream on Amazon Prime Video

Liam Neeson points a gun at him on the bullet train

Liam Neeson is another respected dramatic actor whose dabbling in the action genre continues to make waves and is akin to this action thriller about a mysterious conspiracy aboard a busy commuter train fast train in different ways.

The film’s cast of veteran actors is large enough to leave room for minor side work from the likes of Florence Pugh and Letitia Wright, and the plot’s detective elements keep audiences guessing until the finale. While the action in The commuter may be more relative to the speed of the train in the story compared to a movie fast trainit still has many explosive surprises.

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