The 5 best multiclass combinations in Baldur’s Gate 3

Multiclassing in Baldur’s Gate 3 allows players to mix and match the game’s twelve classes to acquire new abilities and skills. Sticking with one class throughout a campaign has many benefits, including access to the game’s most powerful skills and spells. However, through multiclassing you can develop deep character builds that draw strength from interesting connections between the different classes.

Every time you level up Baldur’s Gate 3, you can assign a secondary class to your character via the level-up menu. From that point on, you can level any class you choose each time you level up, allowing you to choose abilities, spells, and talents from both. There is a trade-off, however, as multiclassing immediately prevents you from reaching the max level for a single class. This is something to consider when thinking about the best multi-class combos.

5 all-rounder

Baldur's Gate 3 character with staff approaching hut with banners in lush forest

The jack-of-all-trades build is the only character build in the game tied to a specific achievement: all-rounder. Unlike other multiclass builds where character levels are split between two or three different classes, this one assigns one level to each of the twelve classes in the game. Character leveling is actually capped at level 12 in the game, so that fits nicely.

Knowing what order to pick classes in is incredibly important to one Baldur’s Gate 3 A jack of all trades build, and players are strongly advised to follow the order below:

  • fighter

  • barbarian

  • villain

  • bard

  • paladin

  • ranger

  • cleric

  • monk

  • wizard

  • Sorcerer

  • Druid

  • magician

The only question left is what can players expect as they take on a side of each character class? There are several traditional and non-traditional magician classes, so a jack of all trades will have access to various spells and magic tricks.

This includes some basic damage spells, such as: Warlock’s Eldritch Blastbut also spells for healing, buffs and debuffs, such as Malicious mockery and refuge from the bard and cleric classes. Aside from magic, an all-rounder also gains some combat advantages, including proficiency with weapons and heavy armor from the Fighter and Barbarian classes.

Starting with a Baldur’s Gate 3 “Fighter and Barbarian” ensures that a character has adequate health and survivability at the start of the game. Spellcasters can do a lot of damage, but poor positioning can be deadly. It’s a highly versatile and unusual build with numerous combat and exploration options.

Players can also expect to unlock many class-specific dialogue options, great for flexible roleplay.

4 Rogue/Ranger

Baldur's Gate 3 Drow Rogue Ranger Multiclass

villains in Baldur’s Gate 3 specialize in stealth attacks and tend to be weaker when they can’t hide. That’s where the Ranger comes in: another Dexterity-based class with useful abilities and great subclasses for stealth-based builds. This build buffs the rogue’s stealth attacks with ranger class and subclass features to maximize the damage of your character’s stealth attacks.

It is recommended that a Rogue/Ranger multiclass character do this Gloom Stalker subclass. out of Baldur’s Gate 3 Ranger build at level 3. This brings with it several useful abilities and actions, including the Dread Ambusher class feature, This gives the character a +3 bonus to initiative, increased movement range, and an additional attack at the start of combat.

That plays out well with that Rogue’s Assassin subclass, which is especially good against opponents who have yet to turn. Assassin rogues gain certain abilities at level 3, including Assassination: Initiative, This gives them an advantage on their attack rolls over enemies who haven’t yet taken their turn. The mix of the two classes creates a character capable of taking the initiative and dishing out large amounts of single-target damage early in the fight.

This build works best during the first round of combat, when a character can deal enough damage to a single target to instantly eliminate many non-boss enemies.

3 Wizard/Warlock

Baldur's Gate 3 Half-Elf Wizard Warlock Multiclass

magician in Baldur’s Gate 3 are one of the best options for multiclassing as they can be used magic points refuel powerfully metamagic Skills. When Metamagic abilities are used, they apply special effects to all spells. This contains long distance magic, which increases maximum cast range by 50%, and increased magic, This puts opponents attacked by spells at a disadvantage on saving throws.

This works fantastic with any caster class as spells can only become more powerful with Metamagic. However, for best results, players should combine multiple classes with Warlock. Both classes rely on charisma for casting, which results in some nice synergies that don’t exist when combining multiple classes with the caster. This build creates a powerful caster capable of casting great Warlock spells such as Scary explosion and some of starfieldis the most powerful wizard spell.

When selecting “Eldritch Invocations” for the Warlock class, make sure you select both “Agonizing Blast” and “Repelling Blast” to give additional damage and knockback to “Eldritch Blast”.

Both classes rely on Charisma, but can also receive bonuses to useful Charisma-based skills like Persuasion, Subterfuge, and Intimidation. For an even bigger bonus, you can also use spell points to fill up spell slots to keep your character going even longer before he has to go on a long rest.

2 Bard/Cleric

Baldur's Gate 3 Human Bard Cleric Multiclass

clergy and Baldur’s Gate 3 Bards often take on group support roles, so combining classes gives a character even more options for healing, buffs, and debuffs. Combining the Bard and Cleric spell sets creates the ultimate support character, able to cast crowd control spells, heal the party, hit enemies with debuffs, and even deal some damage on the side.

When choosing, players have many options clerical domain. For example a Life Domain Cleric can gain heavy armor skills and powerful healing spells, allowing you to focus on choosing other debuffs as you level up as a bard. Alternatively is the War and Storm Domains Allow a Bard/Cleric to deal decent damage in combat.

Bards are fantastic support characters, but they typically lack survivability and decent healing spells. Clerics can fill this gap almost perfectly, and choosing the right domain can drastically change a character’s role in combat encounters.

It’s also worth noting that Bards are one of the fan favorite classes, while Clerics are currently the least popular class in the game Patch notes from Larian Studios. Putting them together might make playing a cleric even more fun.

1 Fighter/Barbarian

Baldur's Gate 3 Half-Orc Fighter Barbarian Multiclass

fighters and barbarians in Baldur’s Gate 3 are front-line fighters designed to deal damage to multiple targets and tanks. Combining both classes creates characters that can dominate combat encounters by combining the additional actions of a fighter with those of the barbarian Fury Ability for multiple high damage melee attacks per turn.

This gives fighters additional actions Second wind and action boost Abilities that allow them to move and hit multiple targets within the same turn. The Battle Master subclass. unlocks too maneuver: Special attacks with different effects, e.g. B. Disarming, knocking back, or tripping opponents.

You can combine this with the Barbarian’s Rage ability, which grants resistance to weapon damage and a basic bonus to weapon damage. Essentially, the multiclass combo with this build combines the rage, damage, and sheer survivability of a barbarian with the powerful special attacks and mobility of the fighter. The end result is a terrifying, unstoppable force of nature.

However, the possibilities for multiclassing with 12 different character classes and even more subclasses are almost unlimited. Baldur’s Gate 3 can be extremely difficult on higher difficulties, so combining classes gives you options for flexible and unusual builds that can surprise your enemies and co-op friends alike.

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