The 5 biggest changes to your feed

Spotify has overhauled its mobile app for a TikTok-style experience and introduced a number of new features for fans and developers alike. The streaming giant unveiled the changes during its Stream On event in March 2023. As competitive pressures mount, Spotify is continually adding new features to keep users engaged and its position as one of the world’s leading streaming platforms to claim. Just a few weeks ago, Spotify jumped on the AI ​​bandwagon and unveiled its new AI DJ tool for creating personalized, curated playlists.

In the words of Spotify CEO Daniel Ek, the latest redesign “marks the biggest change Spotify has seen since we launched mobile 10 years ago.He went on to explain that this new, dynamic experience aims to create a deeper connection between artists and their fans, and give artists more space to express their work. The changes are expected to roll out to the Spotify app for iOS and Android in the coming weeks.

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5 Countdown Pages & Perks for Super Fans

A screenshot of a Spotify countdown page with stills of Billie Eilish and other artists on the left and a countdown window over a still of Ed Sheeran on the right

Spotify gives artists with its new “Countdown Pages.’ With this feature, fans can view exclusive video clips, pre-save an upcoming release, preview the track listing, and track a timer to the release moment. Fans who have saved an album release will also receive a notification once the release is released.

with new ‘Fans first emails,’ User defined as “top listener” for their favorite artists to get messages and emails ahead of everyone else for pre-sale and merch exclusives. Spotify will also begin offering artist merch for “Running now‘ view so users can buy merch after enjoying a new song. The platform also has its ‘live events‘feed feature that allows users to find concert listings tailored to their location and favorite artists. Even better, there’s now an ‘Interested‘ button that allows users to tag a concert entry that they would like to visit in the future.

4 Intelligent shuffle

Smart Shuffle logo on a black background next to the words

Intelligent shuffle‘ is the renaming of ‘advanced,” a premium feature Spotify introduced in 2021 that offered suggestions for songs a user might want to add to a playlist. ‘Intelligent shuffle‘ took the ‘advanced‘ provide a step up to keep listening sessions fresh with personalized recommendations that match the mood of an original user-generated playlist. According to Spotify it is “breathes new life into carefully curated, user-generated playlists, shuffling tracks and adding new perfectly tailored suggestions.” Now these suggestions can be automated.

By activating ‘Intelligent shuffle,” these suggestions can be automatically added to the queue while the playlist is playing. Suggested titles have a sparkling icon to indicate they have not been manually selected by the user. The user can then add the title if they like it by clicking “+‘ character or press the ‘–’button to get rid of it if not.

3 Discovery feeds on the Search tab.

Spotify Search

newly integrated’discovery‘ feeds go to the Spotify search tab. Users can now in ‘Seek‘ section of the new Spotify app to display small visual canvas samples of music in their favorite genres. A user can then choose to follow the artist, add music to a playlist, or share it with friends – all from the same place.

Spotify is also rolling out this feature for large playlists, including RapCaviar, Discover weekly, release radarAnd Friday new music, which allows users to quickly preview songs on a playlist before deciding to listen to it in full. Visual clips help users browse music, podcast, and audiobook previews until they find something they like.

2 Autoplay for podcasts

An example of Spotify podcast autoplay

Previously, podcasts on Spotify didn’t have the ‘Auto play‘ function — but with the new update, Spotify now offers ‘Auto play‘ for podcasts. Just like music, a suggested episode will play once the current episode ends. According to Spotify, consumers have expressed a strong desire for such a feature, and the company believes it will make new episodes easier to discover.

This feature would also make it easier for creators to be discovered. However, autoplay can be disabled for those who don’t like it. The switch to disable can be found under ‘reproduction‘ In ‘Ideas.’

1 TikTok style homepage with previews

Spotify's TikTok-style home feed shown on two smartphone displays against a blue background

The New Spotify’Home‘ interface allows users to explore visual and audio previews of playlists, albums, podcast episodes, and audiobooks. Unlike the previous home page, this new interface is practically an endless stream of media content, all tailored to the user. Users can now simply click the ‘Music,”Podcasts & Shows,’ or ‘audio books‘ streams right on the home screen and choose to play from the beginning or continue previewing. Users can also save, share, or further explore the artist or podcast pages.

With these recent updates, users are now more likely to find their favorite types of content and creators are better positioned to engage with their audiences. It’s worth noting that some of the features won’t be available to everyone, such as:smart shuffle,‘, which will only be accessible to subscribers, while other features such as the new user interface will be available to all users. First the new Spotify will only be available on mobile devices, but will also be available on other devices at some point.More: Spotify Downloads: Can You Listen to Songs Offline for Free? Source: Spotify The 5 biggest changes to your feed

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