The 7 best armor sets in Starfield

One of the keys to survival in huge space Starfield is to use the best armor for protection. Many spacesuit sets not only have good combat values, but can also withstand harsh environments. When it’s a matter of life and death, a bulkier suit instead of the stylish armor sets will keep you on your toes. Additionally, there are many benefits to finding better suits as they follow the main quest lines Starfield.

There are several sets of armor Starfield that are tailored to different playing styles. Because there are many, some sets may work better with certain weapons and stats. Some of the better spacesuits have higher stats that are more reliable when successful in the open world.

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7 Bounty hunter spacesuit

Starfield bounty hunter spacesuit

StarfieldThe Bounty Hunter Spacesuit Set is considered a good choice of armor due to its well-rounded stats. With both offensive and defensive mid-range qualities, it is an excellent choice on low-gravity planets, especially since it has a mass of 20.9 units. In addition, it is an ideal suit for exploring 15 resistance in thermal, corrosive, radiation and air environments. It can be found by completing the Mantis side missions, and it’s one of the best items to miss early in the game if you’re rushing through the main quests.

6 Monster costume

A Starfield character wearing the tardigrade monster costume.

One of Starfield’s most fun and interesting spacesuit sets is the Monster Costume, which transforms your character into a fearsome tardigrade. While players hide in the surrounding area, they can scare off tourists with a humorous quest series that follows. Unfortunately, it offers no protection and is more of an aesthetic companion when walking through crowded areas.

5 Gran-Gran’s naval armor

Gran Grans Kid Stuff Trait Space Suit Starfield

Gran-Grandma’s Marine Armor is a sentimental spacesuit choice for players with the Kid Stuff trait and can be purchased in the early game. It has pretty good stats and damage resistance to withstand a fight. The armor set will be found once you find your parents Starfield and visited her three times. Its stats can be further improved, but it cannot reach Legendary status. Here are all the stats for Gran-Gran’s Marine Armor.







In the air








4 Mercury spacesuit

Mercury spacesuit in Starfield

Somewhat similar in stats to the bounty hunter, the Mercury suit in Starfield has higher environmental resistance. As a protective suit in toxic environments when exploring, it offers more value in mid to late games. The Mercury suit also reduces damage with one Stats of 90, which ensures longevity in life-or-death situations. It can be obtained through the Unearthed quest line, which takes you on a journey through Starfieldis a complicated story.

3 Constellation spacesuit Mark 1

How to get the Mark 1 spacesuit early in Starfield

Notorious for his late game stats, but can be acquired early Starfield through an exploit, the Mark 1 Constellation Spacesuit in Starfield is perhaps the best of the best armor in the game. It contained high physical stats that increased damage reduction and made it easier to engage in longer battles. It also outperforms other armor sets that require you to go in Corrosive environments with a value of 30. It is located at the Constellation headquarters in New Atlantis. Jemisonduring the “One small step“Search.

2 Mantis armor

Starfield The Mantis gear unlocked with legendary suit, helmet and backpack

The Mantis armor kicked in Starfield is a free legendary spacesuit for the early stages of the game. This armor set is hidden in the Mantis Hideout on Denebola IB and is a reward for completing the Mantis side quests. Unlock Mantis Gear Starfield requires puzzle skills with a keyword. Due to the random rolls of this item’s legendary stats, it is recommended to save before entering the hideout to reset preferred stats to your liking. The armor affixes players should roll for on this item should be based on the Armored or Resource Hauler defense stats, which helps with O2 management.

1 Starborn spacesuit

A Starfield character wearing the Starborn spacesuit Bellum, as seen in a video by ZelexFPS on YouTube.

If you spend hours playing through the game, you will eventually be rewarded with the Starborn spacesuit. It is rewarded and improved every time StarfieldThe New Game+ option is used in conjunction with other stat boosts. It includes nine different upgrades for completing the game. It has all the statistics of 246 overall and 50 resistance to environmental influences. If you want the ultimate armor, it’s worth rushing through the game.

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