The best items for Ceruledge in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The Fire/Spirit-type Ceruledge can become a permanent member of any team in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, especially when certain items boost its power.

Ceruledge evolves after players capture Charcadet and give him the Auspicious Armor exclusively Pokemon Violet, which turns the Pokémon into a powerful Fire/Ghost-type that can be enhanced even further by certain held items. With a strong attack and impressive Special Defense, players can invest in different builds when training Ceruledge, either through the moves it learns or the more nuanced EV boosts it receives from numerous encounters. Since every Pokemon on a player’s team is capable of holding a single item, choosing whether to boost Ceruledge’s offensive or defensive potential is entirely down to preference, with no right or wrong answer.


For players who want to equip items that have Ceruledge stronger attack powerthe charcoal or spirit day are the best objects for assignment. Along the same lines, the rarity life orb also serves this purpose, but with the inherent risk of Ceruledge becoming more vulnerable than expected. Finally, those who want to keep Ceruledge active in tougher fights Pokemon Scarlet & Violet‘s Titan Pokémon might consider that Focus Sashwhile players who want to put every chance they have into one last gambit with the Pokemon could use an item like that instead policy of weakness or election band.

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Items with the best effects for Ceruledge in Pokémon Violet

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Ceruledge battle it out in the Icy Arena with trainers and spectators in the background cheering them on

article Effect
  • Increases the effectiveness of Fire attacks and increases their damage.
life orb
  • Boosts the attack power of the Pokémon’s moves, but takes damage if an attack deals damage.
spirit day
  • Increases the effectiveness of Ghost attacks and increases their damage.
Focus Sash
  • If the wielder has full HP, it will survive a potential KO attack with 1 HP. The element then disappears.
election band
  • Limits Pokémon to one turn per battle with the reward of higher attack power.
policy of weakness
  • Increases Attack and Special Attack stats when hitting Pokémon with a super effective move.

Dual-type Pokémon in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, like Ceruledge, has the advantage of covering a wider variety of matchups with STAB attacks (Same Type Attack Bonus) that would also contribute to the effects of any of these worn items. For intense battles against Gym Leaders and the Elite Four, the charcoal and spirit day are perhaps the simplest options players can choose. Ceruledge isn’t a fragile Pokémon by any means, so it pairs well with items like this life orb, election bandor policy of weakness that would be a higher risk for a creature with lower defense. Regardless of what players choose, the best kept items for Ceruldedge Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Combine the perks the Pokemon already have and boost their maximum potential.

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