The black representation of The Nun 2 Ups Conjuring Universe, says the author

Akela Cooper, writer for the upcoming film The Nun 2, says the film will feature more black representation for the Conjuring franchise.

Akela Cooper, writer for what’s to come The nun 2says the film will increase black representation in The incantation Franchise. The American gothic horror franchise first started with the title film The incantation in 2013 and includes other horror movies like Annabelle and 2018 The nun. A continuation of the latter, The nun 2 follows Sister Irene (Taissa Farmiga) in 1950s France as she confronts the demonic nun. It is slated to hit theaters on September 8th.


In conversation with Dread CenterCooper says franchise newcomer Storm Reid will play a nun in the film.

Cooper says she wanted to include a black nun The nun 2, and that the other authors fully agreed with the decision. Including more black display in The incantation The universe as a whole was a proud moment for Cooper due to the predominantly white characters featured in the horror franchise. Read Cooper’s comment below:

In particular, I was very, very excited when they cast Storm Reid in the film because I really care about that character. That was another part of that meeting where I said, “I’m going to put a black nun in there, guys,” and they said, “Okay, cool.” It was another proud moment of bringing more black people into the Conjuring Universe.

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Black representation in modern horror films

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While The incantation Movies are immensely successful, with the franchise grossing over $2 billion worldwide, there has been some backlash against the movies for not having enough BIPOC representation. Although the franchise is currently expanding to eight films, there have been very few black characters in any of the films, and the appearing black characters are often relegated to background and supporting roles. Cooper’s insistence on including a black nun The nun 2 could mean a long-awaited representation The incantation movies.

There is a long and tense history of the portrayal of Black people (or lack thereof) in horror films over the decades, with the horror often focusing on white stories and villainizing or victimizing of black characters. But movies like Jordan Peele out, weAnd nope proved to the industry that black-led horror films could be incredibly successful, and Peele is now recognized as one of the most iconic horror directors of all time. Additionally, with more black writers and crew members in horror films, hopefully the portrayal of black people will shift for the better.

Featuring Cooper, who has had massive success as an author of M3GANand the historical success of other films in The incantation Universe in which Reid plays an important role The nun 2 is a major shift in the franchise’s typically white storytelling. With future films to be added to the franchise including The incantation 4, Cooper promises more black representation in this film and hopefully can change the horror casting norm in the future. Until then, the horror audience is eagerly awaiting it The nun 2and seeing Reid in action as the franchise’s first black nun.

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Source: Dread Center

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