The Escape From New York remake faces an impossible rewrite challenge

The Escape From New York remake is finally in the works, but as it replaces Kurt Russell as Snake Plissken, it faces a tough rewrite challenge.

Replacing Kurt Russell as Snake Plissken, the forthcoming Escape from New York Remake faces a near-impossible recasting quest. Russell was once best known as a teen star from Disney films The computer wore tennis shoesbut his role as the dangerous convict Snake Plissken in the 1981s Escape from the new reinvented his screen image. In the John Carpenter-directed film, Plissken has 24 hours to rescue the President from New York, which has been turned into a prison. Russell beat out other candidates like Charles Bronson for the park while channeling a bit of Clint Eastwood in his speech and mannerisms.


He returned for a belated sequel Escape from LAbut called a planned third film Escape from Earth didn’t happen. After years of development bright, on Escape from New York The remake finally comes together from Helmers Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett. While her exact approach is unknown, Russell has said many times that he doesn’t want to play Snake as an old man, so he almost certainly won’t be returning. That leaves them Escape from New York — which JJ Abrams helped post-produce — in a tight spot to remake. No other actor has played Plissken, and Russell is so iconic in the role that it’s hard to think of an actor to match.

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Kurt Russell’s Snake Plissken Requirement

Escape from New York Kurt Russell John Carpenter Snake Plissken

A Escape from New York The remake has gone through many actors and directors, with Dan Stevens and Charlie Hunnam being associated with Snake Plissken over the years. Gerard Butler was also employed for a stint in the late 2000s, but that choice didn’t seem to meet with Russell’s approval. Speak with IGN In 2014, he revealed what he believed to be a core tenet of Snake: “Well, the only thing I can tell you about Snake and the Snake-Plissken world I know is that he’s very American.”

He expanded further, stating: “There’s a reason that’s a baseball bat with nails. It’s not football.” To Russel, Escape from New York Plissken is a character that comes from American mythology, so casting an actor of a different nationality would fundamentally change that. Carpenter – who has made many films with Russell – has also commented that Snake is a reaction to the post-Vietnam era. While Russell is convinced, the studio is behind the next Escape from New York will probably be more flexible. It would be intriguing to see Russell appear in the film as either Hauk or the President, but he would likely turn down the offer.

Who could play Snake Plissken in Escape from New York remake?

Jason Momoa in See and Charlize Theron in F9

There is no release date for Escape from New Yorkbut busy with his filmmakers scream 6, it’s at least a few years away. Casting Plissken will decide the project for many, but finding the modern equivalent of Russell won’t be easy. Formally affiliated helmsman Leigh Whannell once proposed the actor’s son, Wyatt, but while there is an uncanny resemblance, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier The actor ruled him out of the race, claiming it would be a career killer for him.

Past actors associated with the role like The Punisher’s Jon Bernthal or Timothy Olyphant could still be good choices, although Jason Momoa feels like a prime contender. The actor has yet to appear outside of a major franchise Aquaman and has shown a talent for anti-hero roles such as Conan or game of Thrones“Khal Drago. The filmmakers could also completely reinvent Snake, potentially offering a gendered front from the likes of Charlize Theron or even Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler’s Samara Weaving Ready or Not. Whoever takes on the role Escape from New York will have a great responsibility to bring the legendary on-screen outlaw back to life.

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