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There are tons of resources for players to find and collect in the different biomes Walheim, although some are more obvious and accessible than others. Resources like copper and stone, for example, are found outdoors and are therefore more accessible than iron and silver, which tend to appear below the surface. Players who have traveled to the swamp biome may have noticed the glowing green substance on trees. It’s easy to assume that these are just for decorating the environment, but they serve a larger purpose; these are goggles. From them, players can mine an extremely valuable crafting material, Guck.

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Peep is used to craft a standing green flaming iron torch, a green banner, and one of the best weapons in the game. the Draugr Fang Bow. When players first reach the swamp biome, they probably won’t be ready to start crafting with Guck, but they should plan to gather some of this valuable resource and save it for later in the game. Many Peepsacks spawn high on tree trunks, so players need to build something and climb to reach them. They cannot be harvested like a beehive with a bow and arrow. This is how you get Guck in Walheim and how players can use it.

How to breed Peeker in the Swamp in Valheim

Peep into peep bags on trees in the Valheim swamp biome

To get Guck, players need enough wood to craft a small shelter and workbench, as well as an ax or pickaxe. You can head into the swamp and search the logs for peepsacks. There can be more than one per tree and they should be easy to spot thanks to their sickly green glow.

Once players have found a good spot to harvest, they can build their shelter and workbench. You then need to build a ladder or stairs near each tree to reach all the peepsacks. Unfortunately, these trees cannot be felled for easier access, so players will need to climb a bit.

Before climbing, players should Explore the environment for creatures able to deal ranged damage that could knock them off the ladder or kill them. When the air is clear, players can climb up and hit the peepsack with an ax or pickaxe until it yields peeps. You can do this on any tree until they have a decent supply, then destroy all the equipment to get their wood back.

Used for Look in Valheim

The swamp biome in Valheim

Peep is used to craft three items. It is used both as a crafting material and as fuel for the Standing Greenburning Iron Torch, which can be used as a light source near a Forge. Players also need Guck as a dye to craft the green banner for their buildings, which increases their comfort level by one. Finally, players can use Puck to craft the Draugr Fang, one of the better endgame arcs that allows the weapon to deal poison damage in addition to its piercing damage.

The recipes for each of these items are listed below:


Materials needed

crafting station

Draugr Fang

20 silver, 10 primordial bark, 10 guck, 2 deerskin


Standing green burning iron torch

2 irons, 2 peeps


green flag

6 leather scraps, 2 precious wood, 1 peep


Players can easily store and carry peeps, so once they get them, keep them until they use them for crafting.

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