Walking Wake Tera Raid Guide

Walking Wake is the new Ancient Paradox Pokémon released exclusively for Pokémon Scarlet on Pokémon Day, which runs until March 12, 2023 in Tera Raids.

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The new Ancient Paradox Pokemon, walking wake In Pokemon Scarlet and Violetis obtainable through Tera Raids in Pokemon scarlet away February 27, 2023 and ends on March 12, 2023. It resembles one of Johto’s legendary beasts, Suicune, and has similar input and base stats. In addition, Walking Wake gets a new signature move, Hydro Steam, which can deal heavy damage through rain and sun combat weather conditions. As menacing as this may sound at first, this heist is relatively easy to complete as it falls within the 5-star tier.

To get that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Tera Raid Launched, Trainers Don’t Need Nintendo Switch Online to Catch Walking Wake However, players must first update their games to version 1.2.0, which will unlock the Pokémon in-game. After the update, connect to the internet and go to the Poké Portal News. play trainer Pokemon scarlet can return to their game maps and see a water-type Tera raid. This Pokemon can only be caught once, but can be fought multiple times for different rewards.

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The Weaknesses of Walking Wake

Focus on Hydro Steam, Walking Wake's new signature move with 120 base power in Sun

Whether you decide to complete the Walking Wake raid alone or with a friend, Trainers should know what to look out for. Walking Wake easily becomes one of the best dual-type Pokemon in scarlet and violet, with water and dragon typing; However, for this raid, it is only of the water type.

His original weaknesses are limited to Fairy and dragon type moves, while his many resistances are Steel, Fire, and Water-type.

In addition, due to its new Hydro Steam attack and Protosynthesis ability, it is unaffected by the sun’s weather conditions and actually amplifies its power. Accordingly Bulbapedia, the base power of Hydro Steam is 120 in the sun. Other moves it will use during the Tera Raid battle are Noble Roar, Dragon Pulse, Flamethrower and Sunny Day.

How to beat Walking Wake

Ending the Tera Raid battle with Walking Wake in Pokemon Scarlet

In the first round of the Walking Wake Tera Raid fight, a sunny day will activate almost immediately. This trigger is Walking Wake’s protosynthesis, increasing its highest stat much like the best Koraidon that is built Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Walking Wake will then begin using his powerful moves against the trainer, who has increased strength due to the sun. Walking Wake negates the opponent’s abilities and status changes when they reach around half their total HP. The trainer should immediately cheer to boost their own Pokemon’s stats or health.

The best counters for iron leaves

Meowscarada with Flower Trick in Scarlet & Violet

Best counters

Best Moves


Flower Trick, Grassland, Giga-Drain, Raging Plant/Foliage Storm

iron hands

Belly Drum, Electric Terrain, Drain Punch, Thunder Punch


Rage Fist, Bulk Up, Drain Punch, Screech

For Walking Wakes Water Tera Raids, in Pokemon Scarlet and Violetconsider Pokemon that can use strong Grass and electric type movements. However, be warned when using Grass Pokemon yourself as it is dangerous flamethrower Attack. The best Meowscarada build is a great example of this raid as it has access to the Protean ability and the Move Flower Trick. Another ideal attacker is Iron Hands, due to his abilities like belly drum And thunder blow, which can turn off Walking Wake with one swipe. Finally, due to Walking Wake’s Noble Roar attack, a Pokemon with the Defiant Ability like Annihilape can deal tremendous damage with an increased Physical Attack stat through the opposite effect of attacks that lower the stats.

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Source: Bulbapedia

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