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Applying for a provisional driving licence, taking driving lessons and passing the test are important milestones for many.

But how old do you have to be to get behind the wheel? Here’s everything you need to know.

You can't drive a car until you're 17


You can’t drive a car until you’re 17Photo credit: Getty

How old do you have to be to drive in the UK?

You can apply for a provisional driving license from the age of 15 years and nine months.

But you must wait until you are 16 before you can drive a moped or light quad, and 17 before you can drive a car on a public road in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

However, you can drive at 16 if you have received or applied for the increased rate of the mobility component of the Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

The theory test and practical driving test for cars must also be booked by the age of 17.

If you have a provisional driver’s license and are of legal age, you can drive with an L license plate on all roads except motorways.

However, when you learn to drive you need to be supervised – this can be done by a driving instructor or someone else, for example family or friends.

You must be at least 21 years old and have held a full license for at least three years.

Since 2018, learners can take classes on highways but must be in a dual-drive car.

You must also be insured if you are practicing in your own car or with a family member or friend.

When can you get a full driver’s license?

You must do some things before driving a car or riding a motorcycle.

Before booking a practical driving test, learners must pass a theory test on their knowledge of the road traffic regulations.

Then an examiner guides the beginner through a series of maneuvers, such as B. reversing into a parking bay, and asks the learner to manage the traffic independently.

If they pass, they’ll be allowed to drive on their own before the full license arrives in the mail – but must have an insurance policy that allows the motorist to drive unsupervised.

As long as your car is taxed and insured, you’re good to go.

From December 2016, the driving tests were made more “realistic” – the biggest change since the introduction of the theory test in 1996.

Reversing around corners was dropped in favor of reversing out of a parking bay.

Learners are also asked to follow directions from a sat nav rather than road signs, although now they cannot use a touchscreen while driving.

You can get points for your driver’s license even before you pass the test.

Learners can collect up to 11 penalty points and still take their driving test.

These carry over and if you score more than 12 points within the first three years of passing the exam, your license will be revoked.

How old do you have to be to hire a car in the UK?

Landlords have their own rules regarding minimum age and experience.

Most companies will not rent cars or vans to anyone under the age of 21, and drivers are also usually required to have been fully licensed for at least a year.

Higher fees apply to drivers under the age of 25 as they are considered riskier.

Young drivers may also find that they are limited to a selection of rental cars and vans and may have to pay a young driver surcharge.

Some insurers don’t offer a policy for anyone under the age of 25, so make sure you’re covered to avoid fines and points.

Can you be too old to drive in the UK?

You can drive into old age as long as you can do so safely and don’t have any medical conditions that interfere with your driving

If you are over 70 or turning 70 in the next 90 days and want to continue driving, the DVLA requires you to renew your driver’s license free of charge – but you do not have to take your test again.

If you are 70 years old, you must renew every 3 years – you can change the license photo at the same time as renewing your license.

Sometimes insurers don’t pay for drivers over 75.

If your license expires and you don’t apply for a new one, you are legally banned from driving, face a fine of up to £1,000 and even your vehicle taken away from you.

The process is very simple: the DVLA will send you a D46P application form 90 days before your 70th birthday.

To extend, fill out the form and send it back to the DVLA together with your current driver’s license photo ID.

You may also need to attach a new passport photo – the form will tell you if you need to do this.

You can also renew your license via the gov.uk website which has step-by-step instructions.

The online process is straightforward and the replacement should arrive in just a week.

To useyou will need a valid email address, your social security number, addresses where you have lived at the last three years and a valid UK passport number.

If the DVLA does not send you an application form, call them on 0300 790 6801 or, alternatively, you can collect one from your local post office.

As long as your driver’s license has not been suspended for medical reasons or your license has not been revoked, you are allowed to drive during your driver’s license renewal.

Drivers must have their doctor’s approval, have a previous valid driver’s license, drive under the conditions of the previous license and their application must be less than one year old.

If you have developed an illness or disability that could affect your ability to drive, you must report this to the DVLA.

Conditions can include dementia, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, any chronic neurological condition, and any condition that affects both eyes.

Unfortunately, the DVLA may tell you to stop driving if they determine you are unable to get behind the wheel.

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