What is Blue Face Emoji? meaning explained

THERE is an emoji for every single facial expression you can think of – happiness, sadness, disgust, overwhelmed, excited, feeling hot and also feeling cold.

Here we tell you everything you need to know about the blue face, or some call it the cold face, emoji.

Blue Face Emoji is also known as Cold Face Emoji


Blue Face Emoji is also known as Cold Face Emoji

What is Blue Face Emoji?

The blue face emoji features a distorted smile on a blue face covered in icicles, indicating the emoji is frozen and cold to the touch.

It can show that a person is very cold and they want to emphasize that.

In the UK some may have to use this emoji far too often as temperatures drop drastically.

However, cold does not always have to do with falling temperatures.

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What does the blue face emoji mean?

Cold is used to refer to someone who is very mean and prone to swearing at people.

When someone says something offensive, this emoji can be used to represent how mean they are and how their feelings are frozen because they have no remorse towards others.

On the other hand, it can mean someone or something is cool.

When it comes to someone being cool, it might have to do with how they react to mean people.

It’s related to the way they stand up to bullies and what a good comeback they can make as well, which makes them cold but cool because it’s for good reason.

If something is positively cold, it means something looks really cool.

They could refer to sports cars, occasionally used to refer to how good a soccer jersey looks and anything that you think looks very cool.

You might come across this emoji on social media when a brand wants to emphasize how good their product looks.

It can also be used to praise a person’s skills and how good they are at what they do, e.g. B. in sports.

Their skills are cold, which means they are very good and their performances look very cool.

On the other hand, this emoji could indicate that someone is frozen and stuck in a situation.

They’re struggling to break the ice in social interactions, or maybe they’re just frozen in one place and can’t move forward with a project.

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