Where to find (and catch) Shelgon in Pokémon Violet.

A progenitor of one of the strongest dragon types, Shelgon, an exclusive Pokémon Violet, can be found as a rare encounter in the wild or in a Tera Raid.

The evolved form of Bagon and the mid-level transformation before the dragon-and-fly type Salamance, Shelgon appears in the Wilds of Pokemon Violet, a Paldea region-exclusive Pokémon that rarely appears in a specific location for players to find and catch. Although players could alternatively evolve Bagon into Shelgon through training at level 30, acquiring Shelgon saves time for those who want to obtain the powerful Salamance quickly and without as much grinding. Existing in both the wild and Tera Raid battles, Shelgon remains a solid dragon-type with great defense as he prepares to blossom into the powerful form that awaits him.


The section of Paldea where Shelgon resides is the southern province from Area Six, toward the southwest corner of the region. Unlike Salamance in Pokemon VioletPlayers can find Shelgon sparsely in the wild and in Tera Raid battles three to four star Difficulties when connected online. Players do not need to complete the three main storyline quests to unlock the associated raids, similar to Max Raid Battles in Pokemon Sword & Shield with the new inclusion of Tera-types as the primary gimmick. Shelgon’s strong Defense stat is only weak against Ice, Fairy, and Dragon-type Pokemon, and can present a significant challenge for players attempting to capture it through both encounters.

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How to catch Shelgon in Pokémon Violet

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Shelgon alongside logos for both games, despite being a Pokemon Violet exclusive

Shelgon has the ability rock head that players find the most and give him protection from attacks that would otherwise self-damage through recoil. Any wild Shelgon that players fight would need to be close to level 67 to have a move that activates this ability, which seems like an afterthought since the Pokemon meets the requirements to evolve to level 50 anyway, and loses this property intimidate. However, players who encounter a Shelgon with a hidden ability will find it a coat more troublesome. Overcoat makes Shelgon immune to Powder and Weather effects, making it impossible for players to inflict Paralysis or Sleep from Stun Spores or Sleep Powder to increase Shelgon’s catch rate.

Despite this rare ability, which could make it difficult for players to catch Shelgon, the Pokemon often doesn’t present as great a level of uncertainty. Players looking for the best potential Shelgon should pay attention to its nature when acquiring it, such as: Unyielding nature provides a future Salamance with a higher Attack and lower Special Attack. In contrast, A is Happy nature grants incredible speed at the cost of a Special Attack. Finding and catching an eventual Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon with these tweaked traits creates many incentives for players of Pokemon Violet to explore the limited sections where Shelgon spawns.

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