Which Pokémon card expansions and sets are worth the most money?

The Pokémon trading card game has amassed a variety of cards over the years, and some expansions and sets have become particularly valuable over time. The first edition of Pokemon Cards was released in Japan in 1996 for fans to collect, and over the years the Pokemon Franchise has only gotten bigger and more influential with more Pokémon species, games, manga, shows, and movies. This influence has given his wares, like some of the most valuable, increased value Pokemon sets and collections.


There are a few variables that determine the value of the rarest Pokemon Card expansions and sets, although there have been a few exceptions over the years. The age, rarity, professional sporting authority rating, and demand (popularity) of a set or expansion are known to affect the appraised value of different collections. While the monetary value of this Pokémon trading card game While sets and expansions are subject to change based on market and demand, these are the Pokémon collections that currently have the highest monetary value.

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POP Series 5 is one of the most valuable Pokémon sets

An image of a sealed Pokemon TCG Pop Series 5 booster pack.

A lesser known one Pokémon trading card game Expansion that contains rare and valuable cards is POP series 5. This expansion contains expensive cards depicting Espeon and Umbreon as Shinies and was distributed by Pokémon League Tournaments as participant prize. The POP series not only contained Pokémon TCG cards from Eeveelutions, but also the title Legendaries of Pokemon Silver and Gold. Ho-Oh and Lugia were each joined by a Delta Mew, each selling for hundreds of dollars. While POP series 5 does not contain all maps from the POP series Set, individual booster packs typically sell for around $500 price chart.

The Skyridge Pokémon TCG Set fetches a hefty price tag

An image of a sealed Pokemon TCG Skyridge Booster Box

The Skyridge Pokémon trading card game Set was released in May 2003 and was the 16th set ever released in the game. This collection set houses particularly valuable cards such as the coveted Crystal Charizard card, which is one of the most valuable Charizards Pokémon trading card game maps ever published.

The Skyridge Pokémon trading card game The set also includes Ho-Oh, Gengar, and Celebi cards, each valued at over $1,000 in mint or near mint condition. A sky ridge Booster Box sells in 2022 for $40,800 unsealed in one PWCC Auction.

The First Edition Base Set is worth the most money

An image of a sealed Pokemon TCG First Edition box.

Unsurprisingly, the First Edition Base Set is perhaps the most valuable Pokémon trading card game as the origin of the marketed Pokémon trading card game Phenomenon that contributed to the popularity of the franchise. This bundle houses extremely expensive finds like the First Edition Shadowless Charizard card, perhaps one of the most overrated Pokémon trading card game cards today. The ability to get First Edition Starters and Legendary Pokémon is incentive enough to purchase even a single sealed pack for hundreds of dollars. Booster packs sell for even more, with a sealed box peaking at $408,000 per year Heritage Auctions Sale.

While there are dozens Pokémon trading card game Collectors and fans of the franchise can expect sets and expansions that can be auctioned and sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars First edition, POP series 5And sky ridge will consistently be on the more expensive side of the market. The Pokémon trading card game is still producing new sets, but these classic options will likely be among the most valuable Pokemon Sets that money can buy.

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