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Well, it was certainly a turbulent Tuesday with windy conditions across South Florida, and there’s more of the same to come this Wednesday.

Gusts of up to 30-35 mph are possible this afternoon and evening, and these gusty winds will continue into Thursday. Windy conditions will remain near the coast through the weekend, but conditions should not be as windy as during the week.

This is all due to a strong high pressure system to the north and Hurricane Tammy far to the east, putting Florida in the windy zone.

There will be little moisture along with these winds, but as this is an onshore breeze there may be occasional patchy passing showers for the rest of this week, along with intermittent clouds and sunshine.


High temperatures will remain near normal over the next few days, with highs each day in the mid 80s.


This week’s whipping winds will also cause dangerous marine and beach problems due to warnings in force.


The King Tides are also back and will last until the middle of next week, meaning minor to moderate coastal flooding is possible. Highest water levels are forecast along the east coast during the morning high tide on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.


Some minor changes to our weather pattern are possible through early next week as a front moves into the southeastern United States, which could help bring more moisture to South Florida.

Therefore, the chance of rain will be slightly higher then, but it remains uncertain how much, if at all, the humidity will increase.

At this point, the chance of rain increases from 20% this week to 30% early to mid-next week.


Temperatures are also forecast to rise a few degrees, from the mid 80s this week to the mid to upper 80s early to mid next week.

In the tropics, Hurricane Tammy is now a Category 2 system over the southwest Atlantic but is expected to weaken and lose its tropical characteristics tomorrow.

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