Why Bachelor In Paradise season 8 was the worst yet

Bachelors in paradise was created to give to the participants The bachelor and The Bachelorette another chance to find love but season 8 was more about creating drama and as such was the worst part of the series ever. Bachelors in paradise Season 8 ended with Brandon Jones and Serene Russell getting engaged, along with Johnny DePhillipo and Victoria Fuller. Additionally, Tyler Norris and Brittany left Galvin as a dating couple, as did Michael Allio and Danielle Maltby. So far only Brandon and Serene and Michael and Danielle are together. The other two couples have had bitter breakups and Victoria is now dating Greg Grippo. The only other couple to survive Paradise were Romeo Alexander and Kira Mengistu, who had dated earlier in the season.


This poor success rate for Bachelors in paradise Season 8 is in direct contrast to Season 7, which saw three couples get engaged: Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt, Kenny Braasch and Mari Pepin, and Riley Christian and Maurissa Gunn. Although Riley and Maurissa have since split, Joe and Serena are now married and Kenny and Mari are currently planning their wedding. In addition, Becca Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs have since become engaged. Couples Noah Erb and Abigail Heringer, Brendan Morais and Pieper James, and Chris Conran and Alana Milne also remain strong. So why did season 8 fail when season 7 and others before it were so successful? There are different reasons.

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Too many problematic Bachelor In Paradise Season 8 contestants

Kate Gallivan and Logan Palmer from Bachelor In Paradise Season 8.

The fans didn’t like Clayton Echard’s season The bachelor. They also disliked Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey’s season The Bachelorette. No wonder they didn’t like it Bachelors in paradise Season 8 as many of the most featured contestants on the show came from those two seasons. One of the interesting things about Rachel and Gabby’s husbands was that their season hadn’t aired when Paradise was filmed, so no one on the beach really knew what happened.

That Bachelors in paradise Attendees didn’t see Jacob Rapini rudely telling Gabby he’d be leaving if she was the only Bachelorette, or Logan Palmer switched from Rachel to Gabby and then left abruptly due to COVID-19. They also didn’t know that Hayden Markowitz told Gabby she was rough around the edges, called the women expletives, and was kicked off the show. However, viewers knew all of this, and it made it difficult for these men to find love. Though Rachel and Gabby eventually got to Paradise and spilled some tea, the relationships had already formed, making it clear that the timing of the women receiving the information was aimed solely at creating drama. In addition, the women of Clayton’s season, including Shanae Ankney, Genevieve Parisi, Sierra Jackson and Kate Gallivan, were also involved in a lot of drama and arguments during her season. Everyone loves a good redemption story, but it was hard to cheer for these people based on their past behavior.

Too many mismatched bachelor in paradise couples

Shanae Ankney Joey Young

Part of the fun of Bachelors in paradise watch unexpected couples fall in love. Season 8, however, was too awkward for most couples to succeed. For some women, the age difference was too great. Though it didn’t matter to couples in the past, it bothered Kate, Shanae and Florence Moerenhout so much that they broke up with their much younger husbands (Logan, Joey Young and Justin Young) before the season was over. Breakups are understandable, but when Shanae and Kate told Joey and Logan they were leaving them because of their age and lack of existence in life, the men felt offended and inadequate. Even the women who are only in their early 30s felt old. The word “cougar” has definitely been overused Bachelors in paradise season 8

Too much manipulation by Bachelor in Paradise Production

Rodney Mathews and Eliza Isichei talk in Bachelor In Paradise.

Even though Bachelors in paradise is a tv show and everyone knows some of it is rigged, season 8 was over the top. The split-week twist made the show more like a game than a place to find love. The (un)favorable timing of the participants’ performances was also emotionally manipulative. In fact, Teddi Wright was so upset about having to choose between Andrew Spencer and Rodney Mathews that she left the show. She later stated that she would not stay in a cruel environment. There was no reason Rodney couldn’t come to the beach in the first place so Teddi could make an easier choice. The same goes for the Rodney/Eliza Ischikei/Justin Glaze triangle. “Geometry Beach,” as contestants began to call it, was an epic failure. In previous seasons, the production left the couples alone and allowed them to find love in a more natural way.

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Not enough Bachelor in Paradise Romance

Brandon Jones Serene Russell Bachelor In Paradise 1

Throughout the season Bachelors in paradise Fans got tired of watching drama. The fights between Genevieve and Aaron Clancy were particularly difficult to watch. They wondered why the best-matched couple, Brandon and Serene, were barely featured on their screens. There wasn’t much real romance in Season 8 because of all the twists and chaos. Bachelor Nation contestants love going to paradise because they have all the time in the world to get to know each other. However, in Season 8, the split-week twist shortened their time together, which was one of the reasons engagements were off the table for so many of the contestants.

Bachelors in paradise Season 8 was the series’ worst season to date. Fans had been looking forward to the show all year, but they were left frustrated and disappointed. The show needs to return to what made it great in the first place: allowing couples to meet and fall in love. Fans are weary from watching season after season of strife, mayhem and drama. They want to see love stories, which is what the Bachelor franchise shows are supposed to be about. The production has to take a step back because there’s trouble in paradise right now.

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