Why Chantel Family Fans Think Nicole Jimeno is a Narcissist

In recent seasons, Nicole Jimeno’s demeanor has increased The family choir has led fans to conclude that she is a narcissist. When viewers were first introduced to Pedro Jimeno’s sister Nicole on the show, she seemed welcoming and caring, especially towards her brother and Chantel. However, as Pedro and Chantel’s relationship developed, the way Nicole treated Chantel got much worse to a shocking extent. This led many fans to conclude that she had been hiding her true nature from the start.


Although Nicole was well received by fans in the early stages of Chantel and Pedro’s relationship, viewers never really warmed to her. In fact, they thought Nicole was a villain from the start. Unfortunately, she was quick to agree with them with shady behavior, including constant attacks on Chantel, and often worked to end her brother’s relationship. Additionally, Nicole was one of the precursors of Pedro’s affairs that ultimately led to their divorce. fans of The family choir called them, including a Reddit user, u/globaltravelstory. They write, “She’s a narcissist.” In the meantime, Nicole has done nothing to turn down this tag, and here are some of the narcissistic traits she displayed on the show:

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Nicole Jimeno’s Jealous Behavior

Chantel and Nicole Jimeno The Chantel family fights at the table

Being incessantly jealous of others is one of the key traits of a narcissist, and Nicole’s jealousy over Chantel’s fame is evident The family choir fans. Before Pedro met Chantel, his world revolved around his mother (Lydia Jimeno) and sister. However, upon noticing Pedro and Chantel’s affection for one another, Nicole changed. She started insulting (and fighting with) Chantel. Also, unlike Nicole, Chantel was financially independent. She was able to take care of her own needs while Nicole depended on Pedro for money.

Nicole Jimeno’s uncertain posture

Throughout the series, Nicole never fails to show her insecurities when it comes to her and Chantel. Chantel’s natural beauty is one of her most striking traits that her fans praise her for. Though Nicole is also beautiful, she doesn’t get that many glowing comments about her looks. As a result, many fans believe her verbal attacks on Chantel are based on insecurity. Nicole even changed her appearance with plastic surgery so she could enter beauty pageants, which she ended up losing.

Nicole Jimeno’s selfishness and entitlement are grating

The Chantel Nicole Jimeno family

While Nicole wasn’t fully supportive of Chantel’s relationship with Pedro, she still expected special treatment and gifts. Nicole wanted to keep getting gifts from Chantel, although she worked behind the scenes to set Pedro up with her friend Coraima. While Chantel tried to save her marriage to Pedro, Nicole sabotaged her efforts. She even spread the rumor that Pedro cheated on Chantel with Coraima. Unfortunately, Nicole’s narcissistic behavior contributed to Chantel and Pedro’s divorce, and fans of The family choir I won’t forgive Nicole for that.

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Source: u/globaltravelstory/reddit

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