Why The Witcher’s Duny Became The White Flame (And Did It Kill Pavetta?)

The Witcher Season 2 included major revelations that will have a major impact on the main characters’ arcs, and among them was the reveal of the identity of the White Flame: Duny, who was presumed dead. through The WitcherCiri has become the target of many, and one of the most worrying foes in her future is Emhyr var Emreis aka The White Flame – witcher main opponent. through The Witcher Season 2, the name “The White Flame” was mentioned many times, especially by Fringilla (Mimî M. Khayisa) as she was loyal to him because she was the one who “made her what she is.

Also in The Witcher Season 2 featured various flashbacks to Ciri’s past and family and even visions of her father Duny (Bart Edwards) and Ciri’s mother Pavetta (Gaia Mondadori) introduced in Season 1. Season 2 gave viewers a better look at Ciri’s parents In The Witcher. That was mainly because The Witcher Season 2 had a big surprise reserved for the final scene where The White Flame’s identity was revealed and it’s none other than Emhyr var Emreis (aka Duny), Ciri’s father. But why did he become the White Flame and what happened to Pavetta, his wife and Ciri’s mother?

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Duny hatched a plan to marry Ciri

The Witcher Season 1 Duny Emhyr

Ciri’s parents allegedly died on sea voyages, but the last episode of The Witcher Season 2 revealed that Ciri’s father is alive. As if this massive twist wasn’t enough, it’s also revealed at the same time that he’s not who everyone thought he was. acc The Witcher novels, Duny’s true identity is Emhyr var Emreis, Emperor of Nilfgaard, also known as the White Flame, witcheris mysterious villain. Emhyr is the son of Fergus var Emreis, former Emperor of Nilfgaard who was overthrown by the usurper. The same character tortured Fergus and Emhyr, turning the latter into a humanoid hedgehog.

Emhyr started going under the name Duny, met Pavetta and fell in love, which also broke the curse. Sometime after Ciri’s birth, he was visited by Vilgefortz, who told him about the prophecy, so Emhyr decided to return to Nilfgaard. Emhyr overthrew the usurper and ascended the throne. When he had his dead political enemies exhumed and used their tombstones to pave his ballroom, Emhyr became known as “The white flame that dances on his enemies’ burial mounds”.

The reason Emhyr decided to return to Nilfgaard and reclaim the throne was because he found out about it the witchers prophecy from Ithlinne, who claims that Emhyr’s son will inherit the Elder Blood and rule the continent – and as it turns out, Ciri has Elder Blood, which is why so many threats are after her. So Emhyr’s plan is to capture his daughter so that she can give birth to his child, the future ruler of the world.

Emhyr had a plan with Vilgefortz through which they would fake his, Pavetta’s, and Ciri’s deaths so they could escape to Nilfgaard, but Pavetta found out about his plans and smuggled Ciri off the ship before they sailed. After an argument on board, Emhyr pushed Pavetta overboard and the only thing left was to fake his death as Duny and return to Nilfgaard as Emhyr. Emhyr’s reasons for taking care of his own daughter are some of the most controversial points of The Witcher books, so it remains to be seen if The Witcher Season 3 will stay true to him.

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Did Duny ever love Pavetta?

Duny and Pavetta in The Witcher

Given the twisted nature of Duny’s plan, it’s natural to wonder if he ever loved Pavetta, or if their marriage was only ever a means to gain power. It’s impossible for anyone to say for sure, and it’s unknown how The Witcher Season 3 plans to tackle the story. However, there is evidence that what Duny and Pavetta had was real: namely, the time Duny received the prophecy from Ithlinne. Aside from being the White Flame, witcher Viewers may recall that Duny, in theory, had no idea he would stand a chance of reclaiming his throne after being cursed and banished by the usurper.

This means that when Duny met Pavetta, he had no reason to be with her except The Witcher‘s Law of Surprise, which he claims he never intended to use anyway. This gives the impression that Duny only stayed to claim Pavetta’s hand because they were genuinely in love. He still could have had ulterior motives though, so The Witcher Season 3 must continue to explore this convoluted storyline.

Season 3 has many White Flame questions to answer

Composite image of the White Flame and Ciri in The Witcher

In fact, the inner workings and other mysteries surrounding Duny, Emhyr var Emreis, or the White Flame – witcher‘s most complicated character – will be unraveled in the third season. The main question surrounding the character is how Emhyr even lives if Ciri’s parents supposedly died at sea. This includes the fate of Ciri’s mother and Emhyr’s wife Pavetta. These are the main mysteries of the White Flame The Witcher Season 3 can answer. Last but not least, The Witcher Season 3 could also answer if the White Flame is finally getting their hands on Ciri and what exactly he plans to do with his Elder Blood daughter.

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