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MIAMI SHORES, FL. (WSVN) – A small snake got caught in a web of trouble that was actually a fake spider web that was part of a homeowner’s Halloween display. The curious reptile was looking for something that was caught in it, but ended up entangling itself.

Halloween celebrations took an unexpected turn when a black racing snake from Florida was found trapped in fake spider web decorations

“We got a call about a snake that was entangled in what looked like a spider web. So my colleague went to take a look but couldn’t implicate them there. So we brought it back and it turned out she was tangled up in the fake Halloween weaves that people put out for decorations,” said Yaritza Acosta of the Pelican Harbor Seabird Station.

It happened at a home in Miami Shores near Northeast 99th Street and Fourth Avenue. The homeowner spotted the very real reptile and called the Pelican Harbor Seabird Station for help.

The Florida black racing snake is a nonvenomous snake and a beneficial species to the state. Therefore, the hospital staff had to work carefully to free it.

“They are not harmful to humans,” Acosta said. “They eat small lizards, insects and small rodents.”

While removing the artificial webbing from the mouth, staff also found a small lizard trapped inside.

“As I untangled it and pulled it out, I realized it had a lizard entangled in its mouth. “So it looks like he tried to eat the captured lizard and then got caught himself,” Acosta said.

Finally, both reptiles were safely released from the webbing. The incident highlighted the impact that decorating for the holidays can have on local wildlife.

“A lot of people put the spider webs in trees and things like that where wildlife comes across them, so maybe wildlife can escape these things, but in some cases that’s not the case,” she said.

The homeowner’s daughter shared her thoughts on the raunchy guest.

“I cried a little looking at the snake. When the snake got stuck, I was really sad,” said Zoe Biuk. “I love snakes. I find snakes adorable, even poisonous.”

The homeowner is now relieved that potential trick-or-treaters won’t have to deal with surprise snake attacks.

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