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The wind streak is temporarily coming to an end and the forecast for how much rain we will get on Tuesday is uncertain.

High pressure is weakening to our north as low pressure (Invest 96L) approaches the Bahamas. The NHC’s development chances sink to this low point. Some moisture could get in our way, but winds should shift more from the north by Tuesday. So the forecast for Halloween looks tricky as to whether we get a few showers or most of it stays offshore.

Weak frontal crosses with little to no cooling through Wednesday. Maybe a drop of 5 degrees, so it might feel cooler to some. In addition, the wind is increasing again and becoming gusty.


1. Low pressure (Invest 96L) in the southwest Atlantic, located several hundred miles east of the central Bahamas, continues to produce an area of ​​gale-force winds on the northeast side. However, storm activity remains disorganized and is moving into an area of ​​strong wind shear, which is expected to limit development. There is only a small window of time for education until midweek.


2. The disturbance in the eastern Caribbean Sea is expected to shift westward over the next few days and conditions appear favorable for gradual development. A tropical depression could form later this week as it reaches the central or southwestern Caribbean Sea. NHC gives him a medium chance to form.


Vivian Gonzalez

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