WoW Dragonflight accidentally copies the infamous corrupted bloodplague

While World of Warcraft’s infamous Corrupted Blood Plague incident is far behind, a new debuff in Dragonflight repeats history.

While World of WarcraftThe infamous corrupt blood pandemic is well known, dragonflight, the game’s latest expansion, has (accidentally) replicated it to some degree. The Corrupted Blood incident that took place in 2005 was due to this Impressive‘s first-ever raid, in which a boss’ contagious debuff combined with a bug led to an unintended “pandemic” – which has since even been the subject of study for real epidemiologists wanting to study how actual pandemics spread.


As reported by Destructivea celebrity dragonflight Bug has effects reminiscent of the Corrupted Blood incident. While Warcraft has evolved significantly in its long history, ImpressiveThe latest expansion of brings with it a debuff called Contagious Cowardice – another debuff that can spread among players. Although the debuff is meant to last for 12 seconds, a bug has caused it to last indefinitely, and while the status’s damaging effects can be cured, the visual and sound effects associated with it will continue to play.

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The dragonflight’s contagious cowardice inadvertently replicates the past WoW pandemic

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While World of Warcraft has a long history to be proud of and certainly isn’t afraid to celebrate. It’s unlikely that Blizzard wanted a callback on one of the game’s most infamous, groundbreaking bugs. With dragonflightThe other issues of , such as server and login errors, which have already somewhat marred the release of the expansion, are behind the developers World of Warcraft are probably working hard on a fix for the Contagious Cowardice bug. In the meantime, however, players who “catch” it simply have to mitigate its effects and endure the associated visual and audio effects.

The Corrupted Blood Pandemic was undoubtedly an undesirable situation for both the developers and the player base, but it was also undeniably an important and prominent part of it Impressive‘s story. In fact, a big part of what can make long-lived MMOs interesting is their ability to sometimes break out of every storyline or in-game event and put the community first. It remains to be seen how much the situation of contagious cowardice will escalate, but if so then then Impressive could very well have yet another historical incident.

With dragonflightDue to the new features of , including dragon riding, most players will probably care more about playing the game than about any resemblance to previous events. While Contagious Cowardice isn’t quite as bad as Corrupted Blood – for one, it probably won’t kill as many players – World of Warcraft Players affected by this still have to deal with some annoying visual and audio effects until a fix is ​​implemented.

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Source: Destructive

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