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We all have a lot on our plates these days. Sometimes you just need to relax and unwind. There’s a place in South Florida that can help you do just that… and how they do it is no secret.

There aren’t many local places where songs have been written about her. Then again, Zen Mystery isn’t like most places.

Denis Soukhanov: “Zen Mystery is a community space where we host a range of eclectic events, from spiritual to cultural to musical.”

This married couple has been a staple in the Dania Beach scene for over a decade. It has come a long way since its beginnings.

Denis Soukhanov: “We didn’t really know what we were doing, so originally it was supposed to be a small place for yoga meditation, and over time it developed into people from all walks of life supporting art, original art.”

You’re guaranteed to relax before the work week gets too stressful.

Denis Soukhanov: “We start the week with yoga on Monday evening and then continue with Wednesday meditation.”

You can unlock your chakras and pick up some tchotchkes while you’re there.

Denis Soukhanov: “We only offer people small gifts – crystals, little knick-knacks from all over the world. We have a lot of books and people also come to play.”

Games aren’t the only things played in Zen. The place is known for its Friday open mic night.

Maybe you’ll hear some heartfelt poems…

Poet: “You are my lost love, I don’t know if I will ever find you again.”

Look at a sensitive singer-songwriter…

Matthew Auerbach: “I think of you by candlelight when the memory softens.”

Even a tune about the Corleone family isn’t out of the question.

Singer-songwriter: “Singing about the Godfather blues.”

Denis Soukhanov: “They are all local, original acts. It is wonderful.”

Food also plays a large role in Zen’s identity.

Denis Soukhanov: “And we offer organic, gluten-free cuisine. We may be the longest-running vegan restaurant in Broward and Dade County.”

There are dishes here that require your attention.

Denis Soukhanov: “People say we have one of the best vegan Pad Thais in the world – top 5, someone said. Now we just added vegan crab cakes.”

Don’t do it – I repeat, do it not – leave without trying their special dessert. They won’t serve you a piece of vegan cake that they wouldn’t eat themselves.

Denis Soukhanov: “We only make what we like, because if people don’t eat it, we have to eat it, so we only offer the best.”

Irina Samarkina: “I love it and I love the atmosphere. It feels like home and it’s so relaxed and relaxing.”

Zen mystery
56 N Federal Highway
Dania Beach, FL 33004

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